"Hitomebore," highly resistant to cold weather with the taste of "Koshihikari," is regarded as a representative of the rice production in Iwate.
Its taste has a good balance between different palatable characteristics.

Key points

Plump and glutinous grains

Plump appearance, when cooked, with pleasantly chewy texture. A strong presence of aroma, and springy texture of each grain.

Always delicious.

Pleasant flavor of sweetness and appetizing taste. Its attractive taste has earned a good popularity.

Good with a wide variety of foods.

Excellent in all aspects: viscosity, sweetness, tastefulness, aroma, and shiny appearace. Good to accompany any dishes.

The great taste remains even when eaten cold

Even when cold, its stickiness, taste, and texutre remain the same. Perfect for Onigiri or Obento.

Good Taste DATA

Super A titles

Super A titles

*1 The Special A status was established in 1989.
*2 "Hitomebore" produced in central Iwate has been assessed since 2008 while "Hitomebore" produced in southern Iwate has been evaluated since 1991.
*3 "Hitomebore" of southern Iwate was not evaluated in 1993 or 2003 due to cold weather

Superior taste within Japan


As a representative rice variety produced in Iwate, it is produced most in the prefecture. This variety produced in southern Iwate has received the highest title given by the Japan Grain Inspection Association , "Special A," for 23 times in the past.

Good for Onigiri, rice balls, or Bento, lunch box.

ひとめぼれ 系譜図