Konjiki no Kaze

Konjiki no Kaze

"Konjiki no Kaze" is a primium hybrid rice brand variety that was developed from other tasty varieties.
These varieties were selected from 2,000 different candidates through a number of taste tests.
Only designated farmers can produce these on land designated by the prefectural government.

Key points

Good balance between softness and stickiness

It has an impressive flavor, with a soft, light texture and stickiness that fills the mouth, offering a new culinary experience.

Rich sweetness that lingers

Each grain has a high sugar content and is covered with an adherant moisture layer, making it possible to offer a sweet flavor that lasts.

A sense of
soft texture

The initial taste is enough to enjoy the soft, light, moist texture.

The great taste remains even when eaten cold

Even when cold, its stickiness, taste, and texutre remain the same. Perfect for Onigiri or Obento.

Good Taste DATA

Taste Sensory Test

Taste Sensory Test

*1 Comparison with Koshihikari brand variety produced elsewhere
*2 Taste Sensory Test:Conducted by Iwate Agricultural Research Center."0" for the same with the standard, 3 rankings for slightly, a little, and a lot better than the standard indicated as ±1. As for the "hardness," it is evaluated if "-" is soft.

Rice Master Taste Evaluation

Rice Master Taste Evaluation

*1 A questionnaire was given to five star rice masters in the Tokyo Metropolitan area in October 2016:
*2 Evaluation points 
5(Very good),、4(good),3(undecisive), 2(not good), 1(not good at all)

Soft texture coupled
with rich sweetness

Konjiki no Kaze

This is an original variety from Iwate prefecture. The aim was to develop a new variety that surpasses the Koshihikari variety.
It is soft and light but certainly has a firm texture, nothing like any other rice produced domestically. It retains its texture and flavor even when eaten cold.

Good with delicate Japanese dishes with all sorts of fish and low fat meat.

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